29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (2024)

You’re going to get really excited about this magnificent list of 27 unique recipes with bacon! But, you know, there’s just something about the salty cured meat that just can’t be ignored. Like, for real! From burgers, loaded fries, and even desserts, please tell me what isn’t made better with a bit of bacon.

Just below, you’ll find a catalog of unique bacon recipes. But not just ordinary recipes with bacon, but stuff like bacon onion rings, deviled eggs with candied bacon, and pretzels with smoked gouda bacon dip.

Let’s dive in!


Bacon Wrapped Chili Cheese Dogs

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (1)

Ourwill be your new favorite indulgent weekend treat. They are that good! We teach you what to do to avoid the hot dogs splitting.

And we also show you how to wrap each hot dog with bacon for consistency successfully. In addition, you’ll find our deep frying tips to help you fry with confidence.

Bacon Onion Rings With Bacon Onion Ranch

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (2)

We’re in deep trouble with these bacon onion rings from Lyuba of Will Cook For Smiles. Why? Becausewe will cook this recipe, andwe will eat way too many.

This recipe is simply genius.

And it isloaded to the absolute brim with bacon flavor. Get this! Mouthwatering crispy bacon goes right into the onion ring batter. But not before adding a couple of tablespoons of bacon drippings. OMG!

Then after you dip the onion rings and fry them, there’s even more bacon in the ranch dipping sauce.

Visit Will Cook For Smiles for the recipe.

Amazing Asiago Kale Dip with Bacon

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (3)

Whether it’s gameday, tailgating, or a dinner party, you can feel good about this fancy asiago kale dip from Jeremy ofChicken Fried Kitchen—a total guy food blog with lots of tasty creations.

The delicious superfood kale provides the backdrop for many amazing flavors like bacon fat sauteed onions, wine, and cheeses. But the best part is, of course, that crispy bacon that you crumble on top.

Visit Chicken Fried Kitchen for the recipe.

Bacon Avocado Deviled Eggs

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (4)

Braghan ofWhiskful Cookingentices you to make avocado-deviled eggs with crispy bacon. And honestly, she doesn’t have much convincing to do. Deviled eggs are a traditional holiday appetizer, but she elevated them in taste and presentation here.

Braghan’s recipe page also contains tips to enjoy this healthy-ish appetizer, like how long to boil the eggs and how to keep the avocado from turning brown.

Visit Whiskful Cooking for the recipe.

Bacon Bourbon Pecan Brie Bites

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (5)

Alana keepsYour Home Made Healthywith these deliciously unique brie bites with bourbon glazed pecans, diced strawberries, and bits of bacon. They’re her take on southern pecan tassies – bite-sized pies baked in mini muffin tins or the like.

You will want to start by cutting your phyllo dough a little larger than your muffin tin holes. Then, place the disc inside each cavity, add brie, bacon-bourbon-pecan mixture, and bake. Finally, top with diced strawberries, and serve warm.

Visit Your Home Made Healthy for the recipe.

Air Fryer Cornbread Cake with Candied Bacon

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (6)

This cornbread cake from XOXO Bella is a delightful dessert you may be surprised to learn was made in an air fryer. Each bite is moist and sweet, with just the right amount of saltiness from the bacon.

The cake takes about 45 minutes to bake in your air fryer, but it makes the perfect cap for a dinner. But did you know you can turn this sweet treat into a savory side? That’s right, with a few simple ingredient swaps, you can have a bacon jalapeno cornbread to go with your chili.

Visit XOXO Bella for the recipe.

Shish*to Peppers With Cream Cheese And Bacon

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (7)

Although Angela of The Short Order Cook admits this Shish*to with cream cheese and bacon isn’t the prettiest appetizer, what they lack in glamour is made up with flavor. That flavor comes from mild but tasty shish*to peppers and salty, crispy bacon.

And with just five minutes for prep and 20 minutes to cook, you’ll be happy that you can whip up a batch when the mood strikes. It’s a keto-friendly side, but just about anyone will chow down on this app.

Visit The Short Order Cook for the recipe.

Air Fryer Bacon Wrapped Asparagus

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (8)

Answer the call of that bacon-specific hunger with this air fryer bacon-wrapped asparagus from Organically Addison. That way, you get the bacon but also the many nutritional benefits from asparagus.

Sure, you can find a similar recipe, but we like Addison’s page because she provides all the details. For example, she covers why you need to use room temperature bacon and much more.

Visit Organically Addison for the recipe.

The Best Bourbon Bacon Jam

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (9)

Bacon jam is pure magic! It’s a salty and sweet spread that you’ll want to put on everything. So, if you haven’t had it before, this recipe from Amanda ofBurrata And Bubblesis a great place to start as it contains bourbon, and that’s just, well, awesome!

Now,the process of cooking down onions and bacon for a dip is slow, but it’s so worth it. And Amanda helps you with cues along the way. And once you reach thatbacony,onionyfinish line, she gets you started with some ideas for what to spread it on.

Visit Burrata And Bubbles for the recipe.

Meat Candy

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (10)

This “meat candy” recipe from Courtney and Will ofNeighbor Food Blogisn’t just bacon-wrapped little smokies doused in brown sugar. It’s so good that you might get a proposal. That is, if you’re not already married.

But as good as this meat candy is, it’s the four ingredient dipping sauce that excites us. With maple and sriracha, it’s a nearly addictive flavor explosion perfect for a movie or gameday snack.

Visit Neighbor Food Blog for the recipe.

Roasted Potato Bacon Roses

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (11)

Inspired by the apple rose internet sensation, Sandra ofFearless Dining, with her daughter, set out to make a food rose that was also gluten-free and landed on this bacon-potato rose. A divinely simple and delicious two-ingredient appetizer.

While beautiful, bacon-potato roses are also simple. Using a mandoline, you slice the potato lengthwise, roll it with bacon, and bake.

So, look no further if you want a delicious and fancy side for a romantic candlelight dinner.

Visit Fearless Dining for the recipe.

BLT Shakshuka

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (12)

Shakshuka is a vegetarian one-pot breakfast consisting of eggs, tomato sauce, onions, garlic, and peppers. When served with crusty bread, it’s a delicious and hearty way to start the day. But fellow carnivores probably noticed something missing.

And that’s where this BLT shakshuka from Yvonne ofEncore Morecomes in. You find it even more nourishing than traditional shakshuka with the addition of spinach. And you’ll satisfy your need for meat with crumbles on satisfyingly salty and crispy bacon. Mmmm!

Visit Encore More for the recipe.

Candied Twisted Bacon Recipe

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (13)

As the name implies, candied bacon is twisted, shrouded in brown sugar and spices, and baked for around 25 minutes. And Penny ofRemake My Plateclaims it will become your new breakfast best friend.

And judging by that picture, I don’t think she’s wrong. On the recipe page, you’ll find all the instructions and tips to make this twisted bacon goody the right way.

Visit Remake My Plate for the recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Chiles Rellenos

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (14)

Andrea of New Mexican Foodie teaches us that New Mexican Food is a food category all its own. Like Tex-Mex, it’s informed by Mexican cuisine but a unique category all its own.

So, this appetizer was inspired by chile rellenos—green chiles stuffed with cheese, then battered and fried. And, of course, the good ole jalapeno popper. The difference here is Andrea chose poblano chiles which are earthier and smokier than their cousin, the jalapeno.

Visit New Mexican Foodie for the recipe.

Perfect Air Fryer Bacon

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (15)

Instant pot, the multi-purpose gadget that took over kitchens everywhere, isn’t just for pressure cooking beef cheeks, short ribs, and stews. You can make foods like cheesecake and bacon too. Chandice of The Vivacious Life shows us how.

Now, why would you bother cooking bacon in your instant pot? Well, for starters, it’s much cleaner, and for two, you can cook crispy bacon in just seven minutes. So, see how she does it!

Visit This Vivacious Life for the recipe.

Maple Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (16)

Check out this recipe for ultra fluffy homemade cinnamon rolls with maple and bacon from Amanda ofScarlati Family Kitchen. We love it because there’s bacon on the outside, but Amanda thought it was a good idea to sprinkle crispy bacon pieces on the inside too.

We concur.

These cinnamon rolls have a good chance of becoming your weekend breakfast go-to. The recipe page has all the steps and tips to make a pillowy cinnamon roll dough and maple frosting.

Visit Scarlati Family Kitchen for the recipe.

Chocolate Covered Bacon

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (17)

Bacon is a universal favorite. It’s nonpartisan. In fact, if bacon ran for public office, it would win in a landslide. That is unless it was running against chocolate.

But this chocolate-covered bacon treat from Mikayla ofThe Flour Handprintputs the juggernauts on the same ballot.

So make your way to Mikayla’s page, where you’ll find variations for white, dark, or milk chocolate-covered bacon. And tips like what bacon thickness to choose and why, so you can master thishomemade fair food recipe.

Visit The Flour Handprint for the recipe.

Tomato Bacon Jam

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (18)

When you make this tomato bacon jam from Courtney ofNeighbor Food Blog, you’ll simultaneously throw a surprise party for all 4,000 of your taste buds. And it’s a surprise because it’s not supposed to be as addictively good as it is.

You’ll find a jam recipe rich in flavor from tomatoes, onions, red pepper flakes, and smoked paprika. It’s a great way to use up all those tomatoes from your garden.

Visit Neighbor Food Blog for the recipe.

Stuffed Bacon-Wrapped Shrimp with Cream Cheese

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (19)

Marjory, theDinner Mom, created this bacon-wrapped cream cheese stuffed shrimp as a way for low-carb dieters to enjoy some fun party food. This recipe is like a fusion of jalapeno poppers and bacon-wrapped shrimp. So there’s shrimp, bacon, cream cheese, and jalapenos.

The best part is that the OMG shrimp takes just 20 minutes to whip up a whole batch. But if the hungry people you know carry big appetites, you might want to make several batches.

Visit Dinner Mom for the recipe.

Bacon Aioli

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (20)

In most “aioli” recipes, mayo is one of the main ingredients. But, surprisingly, you won’t find any mayo in this bacon aioli recipeBy Kelsey Smith.

Instead, you’ll find egg yolks, oil, and garlic. But you’ll also find a little honey, lemon juice, and of course, bacon. It’s a simple 20-minute condiment recipe that just might change how you look at sandwiches.

Visit By Kelsey Smith for the recipe.

Glazed Pecan Shortbread Cookies

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (21)

Emma Duckworth Bakes buttery, tender shortbread cookies year-round. Although, depending on the season, you’ll find the seductively versatile base shortbread dressed up appropriately.

This beautiful fall iteration is a cookie infused with finely chopped pecans and topped with a glossy, thick maple glaze. Optionally, go all the way with candied pecans and bacon or both. But since you’re reading this list, bacon is, well, mandatory.

Visit Emma Duckworth Bakes for the recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tots

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (22)

These bacon-wrapped tater tots from Kristina ofTasty Ovenslightly differ from what you would imagine. They are, in fact, baked bacon cups stuffed with tater tots and cheddar cheese. Doesn’t that sound snackable?

Kristina knows the formula for party food: quick, easy, and few steps. Tasty is a given. So she created this genius appetizer as an alternative to tater tot bacon skewers, which require far more steps.

Visit Tasty Kitchen for the recipe.

Bacon Chops

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (23)

For the unfamiliar,bacon chops or bacon steaks is a popular English dish, described as “thick cut chops, which are taken from whole bacon loins.”In other words, it’s like the thin American-style bacon, only thicker.

Um, count us in!

This particular version from the Milners, creators of the popular kitchen gadget blog,Recipe This, calls for carrots, potatoes, and the slow cooker. Oh, and there’s gravy. You’ll want to put it on everything.

Visit Recipe This for the recipe.

Creamy Bacon Chicken Recipe

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (24)

Some recipes add bacon as a garnish to gussy up otherwise average dishes. But with six slices, this creamy chicken dish from Jessica ofThe Forked Spoondoesn’t use bacon as an afterthought.

Nope, bacon is instead an essential part of it.

It’s creamy, herby, garlicky, bacon-loaded delicious comfort food. And best of all, it takes just 30 minutes to make this weeknight-appropriate family dinner.

Visit The Forked Spoon for the recipe.

Bacon Wrapped Stuffed Dates

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (25)

You don’t have to go to the fanciest of restaurants to enjoy bacon-wrapped stuffed dates. That’s Because Lori ofMore With Less Todayshows you how to make them right from the comfort of your own kitchen.

They start with pitted Medjool dates that are then stuffed with a goat cheese, honey, and almond mixture before you wrap them in bacon and bake: Mmmm, high-society, sweet and salty snacking in just 20 minutes.

Visit More With Less Today for the recipe.

Spicy Bloody Mary With Bacon

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (26)

Bacon aside, this spicy bloody mary from Amanda ofScarlati Family Kitchenis a unique spicy concoction that pairs well withparty food favorites. Of which there is no shortage on her site.

But this fully loaded co*cktail has everything but the kitchen sink. Some standout ingredients are tomato juice (of course), liquid smoke, Worcestershire sauce, banana peppers and sauce, shrimp, vodka, and bacon. Bacon twists, to be exact. What a spirited spirit!

Visit Scarlati Family Kitchen for the recipe.

Delicious Cheese And Bacon Gougères

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (27)

Despite the French name, which can be intimidating, this gougères recipe from Tiffany ofLiving Sweet Momentsis accessible. And these little airy balls of cheese and bacon will put smiles on faces at your next get-together.

You make gougères with choux pastry, a dough you cook, and then combine with egg to get that puffy quality—there is no raising agent, e.g., baking soda or baking powder. It’s the same dough used in puff pastries and crullerdonut recipes.

Visit Living Sweet Moments for the recipe.

Sonoran Hot Dogs

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (28)

Lori ofFoxes Love Lemonssaid it best, Sonoran hotdogs are essentially a fusion of the hotdog and the taco. Apart they’re ubiquitous, trite even. But together, a delicious and exciting new-to-you food discovery. They’re something you stop for and eagerly hand over your money.

Oh, and the best part is the hotdog is wrapped in bacon and grilled. So you take that fire-kissed bacon dog and dress it up with your favorite Mexican-inspired toppings like avocado, cilantro, salsa, and sour cream. It’s a have it your way kind of deal you can’t wait to try.

Visit Foxes Love Lemons for the recipe.

Honey Sriracha Chicken Bacon Cornbread Bites

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (29)

This honey sriracha chicken from Michelle ofFlavor Mosaicsits atop bacon and cornbread. And if that doesn’t get your attention, what will?

It’s a recipe perfect for your gameday or party menu, satisfying all your tastebud needs with salty, sweet, and hot flavors. In addition, you’ll love that this recipe is simple as there are only a handful of ingredients, so it’s easy, quick, and only a few steps.

Visit Flavor Mosaic for the recipe.

Which Recipes With Bacon Will You Try First?

Is it the bacon-wrapped hot dogs, the creamy bacon chicken, or the cornbread cake with bacon? Let us know!

29 Unique Recipes With Bacon (2024)


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