Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (2024)

Here we list the 11 best diabetic socks for men in 2021.

Socks are known for their soft and warm nature. They are mostly worn for warmth and as a comfortable barrier between the feet and the ground. They can provide soft padding within shoes.

Besides the comfort it gives the feet, socks also confer protective properties to people susceptible to foot injury like those who are with diabetes.

People with diabetes, as among those prone to foot injuries, are constantly in need of the soft and comfortable padding provided by a sock to protect their feet. If not careful, an injury could lead to a traumatic loss of a limb (or amputation).

More so, it is important to know that not all socks are best for people with diabetes. The best socks suited for a person with diabetes are those with special features mentioned below, which must be appropriately considered in selecting an excellent diabetic sock.

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What Type Of Socks Are Best For Diabetics?

A high blood sugar level, a characteristic of diabetes, can lead to a load of other symptoms. One of such is the destruction of the nerves, neuropathy.

In neuropathy, long-lasting injuries to the limbs are prone. If not manages well, they could result finally in the loss of the limb.

Thus, the protection of the limbs, especially the foot, is an important way of maintaining diabetes. Therefore, for a person with diabetes experiencing neuropathy symptoms like:

  • pains to the feet,
  • numbness or burning sensations,
  • muscle weakness or
  • foot ulcers.

The use of socks is a significant means of protection from neuropathy complications.

There are several types of socks on the market. And among these, some will suit the needs of a person with diabetes.

In the search for the right socks for diabetes, the following characteristics must be prioritized:

  • The socks should be breathable

Any clothing made breathable will allow for the release of moisture produced by the body, thereby allowing the escape of heat from the body. This is especially important in a sock for people with diabetes, as moisture to the feet could promote foot rot, which is terrible for anyone with diabetes.

  • The socks should be Padded

Socks suitable for a person with diabetes is made from a soft and pad-like fabric. It acts as a cushion under the feet for protection.

It also acts in the absorption of shock from the forceful impact of the feet on hard surfaces, thereby making walking easier.

Padding could be provided for by the fabric or by in-built paddings.

  • The socks should be seamless

A sock with a seam will most likely run over a person’s feet with diabetes and cause blisters harmful for anyone with diabetes experiencing neuropathy.

  • The socks should be fitted

Perfectly fitted socks will allow the proper flow of blood to the foot. It will ensure proper freedom for a diabetic and prevent blisters caused by the rubbing of the socks.

  • If too much compression needed, that needs to prescribed.

A compression sock is not a suitable feature of socks good for people with diabetes. Its use based on the doctor’s prescription.

This is because some people with diabetic neuropathy have poor venous supply from the feet due to edema. This type of socks is tightly fitted to maintain proper blood flow.

In the use of this type of socks, the patients are regularly on schedule for a checkup, as well as always attentive to any sign of blisters in the feet.

Thus, considering the above characteristics of socks suitable for a person with diabetes is important in describing a diabetic sock.

What Are Diabetic Socks?

Based on the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, a Diabetic Socks is a seamless and padded sock specially designed to keep the feet dry at all times, decrease foot injury and ensure proper blood flow to and from the feet.

A diabetic sock is specially made with special features for the benefit and comfort of every diabetic experiencing neuropathy. Apart from the features mentioned above, a diabetic sock is also enhanced with the following:

  • Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal functions

In order to properly protect the feet, there are inclusions of natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal substances. One such substance is copper oxide, as preventing fungal infections could be difficult for a person with diabetes.

  • Non-elastic binding

A diabetic sock should be one without any elastic band, which could restrict blood circulations. This property of diabetic socks makes the compression socks unsuitable for people with diabetes unless they are medical-grade compression stockings

Diabetic Socks For Men Vs Women

The critical and important features of all diabetic socks, like being seamless, breathability, padded or fitted, are the same for both men and women. However, there are a few minor differences between the male and the female socks.

The differences are in the basic features noted below.

  • Color

Men’s diabetic socks are usually not as bright as that of females. A male diabetic sock has blended colors and usually dull in color. They are mostly found in black or soft brown, dull blue etc. however, the darker color socks are not recommended for people with diabetes.

The men’s diabetics socks can also be found in white which is common to both men and women.

  • Pattern

Usually, diabetic socks for women are made with several patterns like dots or strips, which are usually enhanced by many colors.

However, the men’s diabetic socks may be striped or pattern but usually are plain with a blended soft color.

  • Length

The length of diabetic socks can range from ankle length to knee-length, which is usually not dependent on the sex of the user. However, the longer diabetic socks are usually preferred by women and the shorter preferred by men.

  • The choice of materials

The choice of materials for the production of the male and female diabetic socks also differ. The best women’s socks are the ones that is incredibly soft under the feet as well as those with added soft paddings, which can be achieved by the choice of materials used.

The men’s diabetic socks are preferably limitedly soft and padded.

Sport socks for men and women may as well be designed differently.

How To Select The Best Diabetic Socks For Men?

When considering the best diabetic socks for both men and women, one must consider the most important features of the diabetic sock.

The best diabetic sock is one made of materials that are perfect for moisture management; that is, it can soak up moisture quickly and get rid of it quickly as well so as to maintain maximum freshness.

It must be loose enough to ensure proper blood circulation and breathability, and as well stay properly fit.

It must be a diabetic sock that can accommodate expansion from washing or sporting activities and still retain its shape.

And finally, a good diabetic sock with built-in padding must be able to withstand wear and tear as well and have good insulating properties for harsh weathers.

11 Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021

The following are the best diabetic socks for men based on different purposes like sports, softness, length etc.

These socks can be easily purchased at Amazon, as they are the best Amazon-produced men’s socks.

  1. Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Socks
  2. EMEM Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Cotton Socks
  3. Falari Physicians Approved Diabetics Socks
  4. Teehee Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks
  5. OrthoFeet Padded Sole Bamboo Socks
  6. Yomandamor Cotton Diabetic Socks
  7. Creswell Socks Mills Diabetic Socks
  8. Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Socks
  9. Doctor’s Choice Men’s diabetic Socks
  10. + MD Non-Binding Diabetic Socks for Men
  11. NuVein Diabetic Socks

1 – Dr. Scholl’s Men’s Premium Diabetic and Circulatory Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (1)

This is an all-purpose diabetic sock manufactured by Dr. Scholl, an orthopedic and footwear
specialist in America.

These socks are crew-length, as high as the mid-calf level. They are made completely black or white and could as well be made with gray patches.

They are made to fit shoe sizes 7-12.

The purpose of the socks is for people with diabetes experiencing neuropathy, as well as those with circulatory issues. Thus, they are made soft and stretchy due to the fabric type used – polyester and spandex.

They have a non-binding top so as to prevent bruises caused by a binding elastic to the leg.

Another property of this men’s sock is its odor resistance nature which allows for maximum freshness. It also appropriately keeps the feet dry and clean by its moisture-wicking properties.

These features added to the ultra-smooth toe seams has made this diabetic sock one of the best and most preferred diabetic sock.

2 – EMEM Apparel Diabetic Dress Crew Cotton Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (2)

The EMEM Apparel Diabetic socks serve their purpose appropriately as well as present a classy look on the legs. This is made possible by the colors it comes in.

They are crew-length and made in several sizes for best fit. Its designs are long-lasting and suitable to be worn for all occasions.

Its soft and comfortable nature is attributed to the fabric of choice used, made from a blend of spandex and polyester, with about 90% cotton.

This soft nature is complemented by its non-binding top and seamless toe, allowing maximum breathability.

These highly rated socks also come with easy-wash and drying property for better laundering and freshness.

3 – Falari Physicians Approved Diabetics Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (3)

The Falari Physician Approved Socks, as the name implies, is a recommended sock by physicians for their ability to suit a diabetic, one experiencing edema, circulatory problems or just neuropathy.

It has a non-elastic top that prevents the sock from rubbing over the legs and causing injury. It is also perfectly fitted to allow proper circulation of blood as well as comfort to the feet.

It is soft and comfortable, as testified by several users. And this is made possible by the choice of fabric used, which are cotton (about 90%), polyester and elastane.

One extra property that comes with this sock is that it is machine washable, and so it doesn’t lose its shape, size or quality when washed and therefore maintains maximum freshness.

4 – Teehee Viscose Diabetic Sports Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (4)

Teehee viscose socks are made mostly from bamboo yarn, as well as a blend of polyester and spandex. It is crew length and comes in several sizes for best fit.

The male color patterns range from bright, dark, white or black designs.

The sock is designed to manage symptoms of diabetes and neuropathy adequately. Thus, it has a non-binding top and yet stays fit.

Its fabric type confers a soft and comfortable nature and prevents abrasion to the feet.

5 – OrthoFeet Padded Sole Bamboo Socks

The OrthoFeet Padded Sole Bamboo Socks is a seam-free, non-binding socks that allow for free blood circulation.

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (5)

It is a diabetic sock designed for both men and women, and thus, it comes in a variety of sizes and in soft colors to suit any clothing.

Some of the properties of these highly-rated socks are their moisture-wicking properties preventing odor and allowing maximum freshness and comfort.

Its soft fibers prevent blisters to the feet through friction and provide a cushioning interior for the soles of the feet.

It is a specially made sock for people with diabetes with circulatory problems, as it doesn’t provide a perfect fit. It is highly stretchy.

6 – Yomandamor Cotton Diabetic Socks

The Yomandamor Cotton Diabetic Socks is an ankle-length sock. It has a micro-mesh quality and thus is thin and stretchy.

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (6)

Its thin nature makes it a good diabetic sock for some specific seasons like summer and spring.

Made from cotton and elastane, it has a soft nature for comfort to the feet. Other properties of these socks are their ability to soak up moisture from the feet, thereby preventing odor and fungal infection.

It is also non-binding and well fitted. Its toes lack seams and thus, prevents blisters that could be acquired from friction.

This sock is also machine washable to add to its properties.

7 – Creswell Socks Mills Diabetic Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (7)

The Creswell sock is highly rated among several diabetic socks. They are crew length, reaching up to the mid-calf level, it comes in black, white, navy or tan color, and in several sizes.

Creswell socks are medically designed for people with diabetes, those with circulatory problems, edema and neuropathy. It thus has a non-binding top to prevent injury by abrasion to the feet.

They are soft socks made almost exclusively from cotton, with a bled of polyester and elastane. They are also machine washable and thus, resistant to changes from washing.

8 – Yomandamor Bamboo Diabetic Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (8)

This sock is made mainly from bamboo yarn and blended with elastane. They come in several sizes and allows for a perfect fit.

The bamboo socks are good for all weather types and provide comfort to the feet at all times. It has a loose, non-elastic top that prevents abrasion to the feet.

Its seamless toes also prevent injury and provide additional comfort to the feet. It has a moisture wicking proper that suits a diabetic and prevents odor and foot fungus.

This type of sock is perfect for people with diabetes with neuropathy, as it reduces pains. It provides maximum comfort, prevents infections and is non-constricting.

9 – Doctor’s Choice Men’s Diabetic Socks

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (9)

The doctor’s choice men’s diabetic sock comes in different lengths, ranging from crew-length to ankle length. This sock is medically made for people with diabetes experiencing neuropathy.

They are made exclusively from polyester and a blend of spandex and rubber. This choice of fabric allows for adequate moisture wicking and moisture releasing, and this enhances all-day freshness.

Its seamless toes are good for injury prevention. Its non-elastic top also prevents injury caused by friction and ensures maximum comfort.

The Doctors Choice Diabetic Socks also have anti-microbial properties, as well cushioning properties.

10 – +MD Non-Binding Diabetic Socks For Men

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (10)

The MD socks is popular for its soft and cozy nature around the feet. This property is made possible due to the blend of fabric used in its production; bamboo rayon, polyester, nylon and spandex.

Its cushioning properties adequately protect the feet from injury due to impact or compression from footwear’.

Its mesh knit nature favors breathability and prevents odor. Its seamless toe and non-elastic top make this sock highly rated by diabetics, prediabetics and some with circulatory problems and neuropathy.

11 – NuVein Diabetic Sock

This sock is made from natural fabric, cotton, and this gives it its soft, and stretchy nature requires for coziness and its moisture-wicking property.

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (11)

The choice of fabric also provides insulating properties for cold weathers and highly sensitive foot. It is also crew-length and thus gives covering to both the foot and up to half the legs.

Though it has a non-constricting and loose top that allows free blood flow, the sock is fit and stay at crew-length.

Other than people with diabetes, individuals with edema, and neuropathy can make use of this sock for foot care.


For proper foot care and maintenance is important for people with diabetes experiencing neuropathy or circulatory problems. The above socks are the best and most highly rated diabetics socks. All of them are available at popular online vendors like Amazon.

Best Diabetic Socks For Men In 2021 (2024)


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