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The advantage of closing your transaction with O’Kelley & Sorohan is the firm’s unparalleled customer service. Throughout the entire process, our dedicated and informed staff work on a personal basis with you, your agent and your lender to ensure a smooth and flawless closing experience. Our 26 locations allow you the option of closing at a place that is convenient to work or home. Prospective clients – we look forward to working with you. Past and current customers – we look forward to continuing to serve your needs.


Congratulations on the sale or purchase of your home! The tips below can help us assist you with your closing. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.

For Sellers:

Social Security Numbers/Federal Tax I.D. –For reporting purposes, Federal and State law require that we keep your social security numbers or Federal Tax I.D. number on file if you are a corporation. Without your social security number we cannot obtain payoff information that is required for closing. We do not release these numbers to anyone but the State of Georgia and/or IRS as required by law.

Homeowner’s Association Dues (if applicable) – Prior to closing, we must have a letter from the HOA stating the amount of dues paid (yearly or monthly) or owed and whether or not there are any initiation fees or special assessments owed. Please provide a contact name, address and phone number so we can request the required information. Please be aware that most associations charge a fee to provide us with an account status letter that will appear on the settlement statement.

Payoffs –Please provide us with the name, telephone and account numbers for your current lenders. Additionally, please advise us if you have an open equity line, even if it shows a zero balance. We must have your lender fax the payoff amounts prior to closing. Please be aware that some lenders take 5 to 10 days to fax a written payoff, so we need this information as soon as possible. There will be an overnight/wire fee, as well as a recording/handling fee for getting your mortgages released at the courthouse on the settlement statement.

Home Warranty Info (If applicable) –If you agreed to provide a home warranty in the contract it should be ordered before the closing and the confirmation sent to our office. We will need the name of the company and the cost.

Title –Please notify us immediately if there is a divorce, separation, death, bankruptcy or other potential title issue associated with your property. We may need additional information and copies of documents to ensure clear title.

Power of Attorney –-Please let us know as soon as possible if you are not able to attend closing and will need a Power of Attorney prepared. The Power of Attorney must be approved by the Title Insurance Company the Lender (if applicable) and the original must be provided at or before closing.

Corporation/LLC –If you are signing on behalf of a company, please provide your authority documents.

Out-of-State Sellers –If you reside in another state and the property being sold was not your principal residence while in Georgia, you may be subject to the Georgia withholding tax. If you notify us in advance, we can fax the appropriate form to you to determine if any tax will be owed.

Please make sure each seller brings a valid photo I.D. to closing. Lastly, bring keys, garage door openers and any documents for the new buyer.

For Purchasers:

Generally, everyone who is on the loan application and/or title must be present at closing to sign the loan documents.

Borrowers and anyone else who is to be on title must bring a valid photo I.D. and, if the lender requests, a second form of identification

A valid Home Owner’s Insurance Declaration Page must be provided for closing- as required by the Borrower’s Lender.

Call your loan officer lender representative before coming to closing to see if there are any original documents (e.g. bank statements) or conditions they need you to bring to closing. It is recommended that you bring any documents that you provided to your loan officer during the loan process.

Funds for Closing:Effective immediately, pursuant to O.C.G.A. 44-14-13, buyer funds exceeding the sum of $5,000.00 brought to a closing must be in the form of wire transfer only. All seller funds required for closing must be in the form of wire transfer. Please contact your precloser or closer for wire instructions.

Real Estate Owned (REO)

O’Kelley & Sorohan boasts a dynamic real estate owned (REO) department. We represent several national, regional and community lenders and servicers and facilitate sales of their REO properties. With various satellite offices throughout the Atlanta metro and in Florida, O’Kelley & Sorohan is able to conduct hundreds of REO closings a day in Georgia, Florida and Tennessee and provide clients with the following:

  • proactive immediate title curative work
  • seller document preparation
  • coordination of closing among realtors, buyers, buyers’ lender and seller
  • prompt table-funding and delivery of wire proceeds to seller
  • the ability to perform bilingual closings

Corporate Relocation Services

O’Kelley & Sorohan routinely handles closings on behalf of corporate relocation clients. The firm understands that relocation clients’ first and foremost goal is to quickly and efficiently relocate an employee in order to achieve and/or maintain full productivity. This goal is fulfilled by consistently providing the relocation client with a quick, efficient and seamless closing process.

O’Kelley & Sorohan’s dedicated closing attorneys and hardworking staff provide relocation clients with superior customer service and the ability to close transactions at one of the firm’s many satellite offices throughout the Atlanta metro area and in Florida. By acting as a single point of contact, O’Kelley & Sorohan handles corporate relocation transactions from start to finish while keeping the client adequately informed throughout the entire process.

Closings - O'Kelley Sorohan, Attorneys at Law, LLC (2024)


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