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Rubiks Noob (feat. Natlan) - Yvng Sxnar



I solve the Rubiks cubeYou cant cause you're a noobTutorial on youtubeI solve the Rubiks cubeI solve the Rubiks cubeYou cant cause you're a noobTutorial on youtubeI solve the Rubiks cubeI'm just being real no applicationI just made a band, I went on vacationBeReal wont work when you're in foreign nationsIt's not 420 but here I am blazingThis is sonar on your radio stationHeathers my sister, blood relationI'm getting dome, what a sensationHeading for the bag, its my destinationJust cut my face with my ringIt hurts bad it really stingsI'm so wet with all this blingSonar can rap and I can singChickenSonar is featured right now on the songSonar is singing and ain't nothin wrongYou wanna eat chicken you better grab tongsGimme the woods I ain't want no bongNow I'm switching up the flow thoThis the flow how it sound broReal action like a GoProPlaying Fortnite f*ck a solosI ain't never f*ck with bozoIPhone can take photoSonar don't rush albumsTake it slow like slow moHad to open up rhymezoneShoot a nigg* wit a crossbowIn my Jordan's gotta tiptoeBoiyoiyoiyoing like a pogoWho done left the Habdi's in the freezerI just made a song and dropped a teaserI just poured a four in a 2 literI just ate a salad it was made with chicken seizureThey'll be playing Cubehub on them speakersInform the Young-ins, be a chicken feederThis is actually a sonar featureI'm having an affair with Fortnite but I'm not a cheaterI solve the Rubiks cubeYou cant cause you're a noobTutorial on youtubeI solve the Rubiks cubeI solve the Rubiks cubeYou cant cause you're a noobTutorial on youtubeI solve the Rubiks cube

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Entourage (feat. Dersy,... - Yvng Sxnar



Real sxnor on the beat right nowI'm in my bag and imma stay there like Charles in timeoutThe opps like "what u gon do" I'm like f*ck around and find out!I seen them donuts in a box, bitch it's mine nowThe best rule I ever learned is never mine downThe drive thru took to long it turned to a drive outA nigg* shot me inna leg so I cried outCatch the opps after hours I call that a night outJumped into a lake and got scared so I swam outI went in the McDonald's and then I came outHow I'm bouta eat this McChicken with a dry mouth!When the season comes I'm most likely gonna fly southWent to shortys house like can I take a seat on thy couch!She said yes so now im finna go lie down!My head was hurting but a couple hours later I said I'm fine now!Finna take a trip to DC and bomb the White House!Went to the goat squad they said I should try outI just heard the new Young Nudy and Playboi Carti leakIf DeathBy in Minnesota I play the armoryI just got shot and then I lost a part of meMy Choppa scary, Damn it done startled meWe irony rap goats made it out the farmI like whipping cream, and I like whipping carsYou aint sh*t to me, I like my chickens largeIm talking money, I need that drip cause I'm parchedI got so high I literally saw a shooting starI can't sleepover, cause I got some sh*t tmrI said hands up, show me where is the dollars areRIP Kobe for him Im still balling balling hardWho the f*ck are you, I need my decimalsI am the next generation, on another levelMy shawty a therapist she gives me good mentalI woke up and decided today I'll wack a federalRapping on this sonar beat yeah I like itYeah I slammed my spike ball, just to spite itSipping on the Ari' that's the rarestYeah I'll f*ck your bitch on the terracePop it ball innovationI love pop it ball innovationI love itBurberry jerryMore like Burberry LarryTerry, GaryMother f*ck judge jerryf*ck with me sh*t get scaryCubehub yeah I watch itco*ck it back never lock itTurn around you better drop itBitch! I'll knock your arms out the socketHandy stop that's the plugBitch I got real raps not a slugYour bars make me want to say ughI played the game Nintendo Land i liked itI play Spikeball then I have to spike itI went to goodwill to search for a light diskFound one! i took my card out and i swiped itWe played hues and cuesThen Mei took a snoozeWe took silly gummies and they made us really funnyRed light green lightThis is among us, right?Callmecarson Gender BenderCar crash destroy that fenderMy jacket is made of leatherOutside its light, just like a featherMinecraft is dark, like in the nether?Chicago, IllinoisThis verse is my secret ployHave a good day, bababoyI just dropped my phone I released itit* cold as hell I need some fleece sh*tMy brothers new apartment I leased itMy dog looks like me it is no secretCrayon full of quarters lemme shake thatYesterday was Friday need a new hatKiss my little dog give her a patPee on the rug give you a padHats on the knob heads bangingMurr on the beat Im slayingCorn on the cob foods yummyDrew replica sh*ts funnySushi boat sushi boat, MeiganTofu boat tofu boat, veganChemistry I love, Im geekinLithium protons, three yeahYeah

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Set Natlan ringtone on an Android Phone:

1. Select Download Ringtone button above.
2. Go to Settings app.
3. Select Sounds & Vibration.
4. Select Phone ringtone.
5. Select Ringtone from Internal Storage.
6. Click the Apply button.
So after only a few basic steps, you have successfully done the default ringtone on your phone running Android operating system with the pop songs you want.

Set Natlan ringtone for your iPhone:

1. Select Download M4R for iPhone button above and save to your PC or Mac.
2. Connect your iPhone to your PC or Mac via its charging cable.
3. Launch iTunes and drag the .m4r to the Tones folder (Under "On My Device").
Hopefully, the guides for configuring ringtones for iPhones and Android phones will make it simple for you to replace the uninteresting default sounds on your phone with your own personal favorites.

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Natlan - Lexy Cameron - Ringtone Download | Natlan MP3 ringtone and m4r ringtone (2)

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Natlan - Lexy Cameron - Ringtone Download | Natlan MP3 ringtone and m4r ringtone (2024)


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