This software isn't the best, but are you making an RPG, anon? (2024)

That's literally exactly it. Those other morons claiming this is a big deal can argue until they're blue in the face but look at the ACTUAL language they put in all of their posts.

hom*osexual are you fricking moronic? Obfuscation is literally DENUVO sh*t applied to plugins. It gives you worse everything just because the creators are greedy.

>It gives you worse everything just because the creators are greedy.
wah wah, paid devs are greedy

Making plugins for a sh*t engine is not "work", fricktard. Get a real job. Also, moghunter galv and a bunch of RPG maker old-school users were releasing free stuff until the hom*osexual chink started selling To The Moon walking simulator and everyone became greedy. rpgmakerweb forum was a mistake and yanfly plugins are not as creative as XP age scripts. Go back, queer.

>bunch of RPG maker old-school users were releasing free stuff until the hom*osexual chink and everyone became greedy
wah wah, I just want to copy paste other people's code FOR FREE like the good old days

By the way, the biggest thiefs in ideas (and coding ideas) are visustella.
They took a lot from MV plugins that existed
And yes, you can only do something 1 way effectively most of the time, even with javascript, so all they did was change the variable / function name or use 'redirects', 'refers' to hide it. if they directly copied code that is + of course rework the plugin to MZ's format.

You can't actually tell whether or not they stole the code due to the obfuscation, but you can with the ideas at least.

Now-- that begs the question. Is it not an idea for people to steal code and obfuscate the plugin; thereby avoiding them detecting the code was copied in its stucture?

Aside from its problems, there are morally questionable reasons that it should be questioned. What else is hiding in the code besides its promises? What is it doing?

Anyway, because they took other people's work on MV into their own MZ stuff and made money off of it, they cursed the MZ plugin market. Free devs don't want to dev.
And another reason besides them likely making money off of their work is their flocks and guardians. People who cheer for Archeia, yanfly, etc. Those will claim the original dev stole VS's code and try to cancel them. There is a large risk when you don't have a fanbase.

>made money off of it, they cursed the MZ plugin market. Free devs don't want to dev.
wah wah someone wants to be paid for their work, just give it to me FOR FREE you greedy fricks

You can compare the rpg maker mz package to other nodejs packages in pro dev all you want, but when I right click any website and look at the code, it is still readable.

What is standard practise with javascript is minification, not obfuscation. obfuscation adds functions that don't do anything and those too need to be evaled. They don't optimize the code nor filesize on the webserver.

RPG Maker MZ game development involves only javascript. It is a full web app run in a browser. The core is opensource (obviously). "Plugins" are extentions for this core or changes made to the core (overwrites).

Obfuscation, in other software, happens at the end product stage. Obfuscation, done here, bothers a game developer. The obfuscation we speak of, happens only to the code of 'plugins'. Plugins which code needs to be understood at a code level in order to be able to fix bugs in your javascript game project.
Plugins, that they indeed sell (sometimes).
but simply because they are sold, doesn't mean you should obfuscate.

Here's the thing:
If a dev release a game that uses someone's plugin, that dev is going need a license anyway. This is because otherwise, that someone can throw Copyright Takedown request claims at the entire released work and it gets taken down.

As mentioned, this is really about plugin developers fearing competition between eachother. They learn/steal/use eachother's code to make their own plugin, and whine about this.

RMMZ doesn't have a dependency hell. It isn't build with random factors.
My respects to your efforts in software, but you need to look at the engine in order to understand what I mean exactly.

>this is really about plugin developers fearing competition between eachother
wah wah people shouldn't worry about their work being stolen, they should just give it FOR FREE out of the good will of their own hearts

>piracy, grabbing paid plugins for free
People don't know what a plugin does till they see it work within a project. kids, grab the plugins from other games. They get them for free, with documentation and everything.

obfuscation doesn't protect against piracy, avoiding paying for them.

obfuscation causes the engine to stop working for a few frames every second (due to garbage collection). It causes a noticable slowdown. Obfuscation means, if you get a problem, you cannot fix it, but have to ask them (dependancy).
Obfuscation is done, because they fear 'idea stealing'. 'code stealing'
Now here is the problem with that.

Once they obfuscate, what they release is 'Machine Generated Code'. It is also an indirect obfuscation, which means, deobfuscating the code afterward doesn't give you the exact same stuff the author wrote down. Obfuscation tools change the code.
Because of this, legally, it cannot be claimed as anyone's ownership. AI has the same problem. Copyright claims have been made on Computer Generated Code and were rejected in court.
You cannot steal computer generated code, so what they're doing-- is practically making their code unclaimable for copyright, etc. And that is, the stuff that they release to the public, at least.

It's about the "feel", not about practicality.
And that "feel" for them is so important, that it is detrimental and toxic for others. Not just in their projects, but also in the way these devs who obfuscate communicate with the developers of these projects.

>You cannot steal computer generated code... And that is, the stuff that they release to the public, at least.
wah wah, I don't understand the law and also don't understand why I got banned from a development forum for advocating the theft of software written by developers who post there and are friends with the mods, I'm an autistic frick

It's a huge nothing burger, bunch of script kiddies upset that someone values their work enough to sell it and not in a way that's easy to steal or modify after. If they had a single lick of sense they'd sit down and redirect the many hours wasted b***hing into learning to write their own plugins instead of begging for free gibs.

Not going to go into the morality of piracy on Ganker. But you have to be an insufferable moron to take the position of
>developers who want to be paid for the work, and who don't like people pirating their software or advocating pirating their software are greedy buttholes
It reeks of someone who has never worked a day in their life and don't understand the value of money.

This software isn't the best, but are you making an RPG, anon? (2024)


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